MorphoManager 11.2.9
MorphoManager 11.2.9 is released and available for immediate download.
Required firmware versions
  • MA Sigma family requires firmware 1.3.9 (or newer)
  • MA Sigma Lite and MA Sigma Lite+ requires firmware 2.0.0 (or newer)
  • MA Sigma Extreme family requires firmware 4.0.0 (or newer)
  • MA 100 family requires firmware 3.2.1 (or newer)
  • MA J family requires firmware 3.2.1 (or newer)
  • MA 500 family requires firmware 3.2.1 (or newer)
  • MA VP family requires firmware  3.11.0 (or newer)
  • Morpho 3D Face requires firmware (or newer)  
  • MSO 1300 family requires firmware 10.00.g-C (or newer) 
  • MSO 300 family requires firmware 10.00.g-C (or newer)
  • MSO VP family requires firmware 1.11.0 (or newer)
  • MorphoWave required firmware 2.1.4 (or newer)

Bug fixes

  • BioBridge CPU usage increases
  • Can't create a BDP
  • Device Filter not working in Reports and User Management Filter
  • [MorphoManager] GPIO error
  • Facility code not set in Sigma
  • MorphoManager not reporting failures and correct counts for MA2G
  • [3D Face] Tasks stay in pending state in MorphoManager
  • Users not synchronized in MorphoManager 11.2.7
  • V&A Museum - Users not Synchronized
  • Server listening IP address must contain a valid IP address value
  • After upgrade MM from to 11.2.7 DB issue
Known issues
  • Siemens SiPass and KeyScan System VII Biobridge does not work.
  • To read HID iClass PACS data, page 0 book 0 must be set to HID default key.
  • Using the HTTPS mode with AMAG Symmetry V8.0 is considerably slower than using the unsecured mode.
  • New parameters available in Sigma Firmware 1.4.3 are only available in the advanced MA5G settings of a newly created Biometric Device Profile. Existing BDPs are not be able to set these new parameters.
  • Under unknown conditions, registering MorphoManager appears to succeed but the end-user is required to re-register the product on next login.   This is under ongoing investigation.
US Export Control Restriction (ITAR and OFAC):
The export of any product or software purchased and/or downloaded from MorphoTrak must be made in accordance with all applicable laws of the United States, including and without limitation to the U.S. Export Administration Regulations (EAR), the U.S. International Traffic In Arms Regulations (ITAR) and the US Treasury Department OFAC regulations. This may require that you obtain a formal export license or make certain declarations to the United States Government regarding the commodities to be exported (e.g. destination, end use, and end-user).  By clicking the links below and downloading the software you agree to these conditions.